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​Action list for Tuesday, December 6 2016


  • 1.Avoid the three worst ETFS on the market: DUST, NUGT, and JNUG.
  • 2.Sell DWTI and UWTI. They are getting delisted on December 8
  • 3.NVIDIA (NVDA) crossed past $91, up 3.88% on Monday. If buyers keep bidding the tech sector up (November – May is the seasonally strong period for stocks) NVDA could get to $100/share
  • 4.Intel (INTC) is lagging both AMD and NVDA this year. AMD’s Zen will compete directly with the i7 core processor as explained here. INTC needs to cross above $35/share.

  • 5.Gilead Sciences (GILD) continues to hover in the low $70’s. Tremendous cash and cash flow but markets demand GILD make acquisitions. How about growing HCV sales instead?

  • 6.Dryships (DRYS) is a pump and dump. Right now it is in the dumping phase. Avoid.
  • 7.Exelixis (EXEL) may make a run for $20. This was a biotech pick for Value stock members in June/July.
  • 8.First Solar (FSLR) bottomed at the $30 range. Higher oil prices are raising prospects for solar and for FSLR.
  • 9.Nokia (NOK) is rebounding, though its prospects are poor through to 2017.
  • 10.Banks are on fire. Bank of America is $21.84. It was trading in the teens earlier this year. Rates are only going up 25bp. This rally in financials is overdone.

  • 11.Join this group. It’s free.
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