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Australian Reporter's Takedown of Trump Goes Viral on the Left, Says America is 'Isolated' and 'Friendless'


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It doesn't make a lot of sense for me to sit down to rebut the thoughts of a garrulous drama queen reporter, marooned on an island of indignity, twisting and contorting his own world view and thrusting it upon his viewers as 'news.' In many respects, the main stream media should be looked upon like the catholic church. It's old, out of date, and filled with pedophiles.

Here's a reporter from ABC Australia saying that Trump has ceded leadership in the world -- because he didn't follow the lead of others into trade and climate deals designed to hurt America's people. One of his main arguments is the lack of rhetoric coming from Trump at the G20, regarding N. Korea's missile test. Perhaps this bloke should review the meaningless speeches over the years, by doing nothing leaders, who've never followed up on their words -- because they had nothing to back them up with.

So because Trump didn't castigate N. Korea with harsh words at the G20, providing all of the feckless leaders there with a feel good moment to talk tough and feel good about themselves, and their failing societies, Trump has, thereby, relinquished the mantle of leadership in the world to both China and Russia? I don't think so.

This is idiot tier thinking -- completely dismissing the fact that Trump just slapped sanctions on a Chinese bank over N. Korea, and has done nothing to aid Russia's so called ascension to power.

Here's a reminder for those of you with short memories.

The United States will do upwards of $19 trillion in GDP this year. Russia will do a little over $1.2 trillion.

China will do roughly $11.5 trillion.

The United States will spend upwards of $700 billion on its military this year. China will spend ~$200b and Russia will spend ~65b.

The Unites States has more military bases abroad than any other empire in the history of the world. The number is hard to pin down -- since we're literally and figuratively omnipresent. It is rumored to be more than 800. Both China and Russia have less than 10.

The flowery words of disgruntled reporters are nothing more than fading whispers in a dark, cold, and brutal sea of nothingness. Some view them as calls to action, proverbial life rafts, that will help them realize joy by triumphing over fictitious and manufactured enemies. Needless to say, 99% of us are on the same side, but we're split down the middle -- angered over meaningless issues that will never be resolved and are merely wedges for those interested in keeping order.