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Action List for Friday, July 15

  • 1.Trade Valeant Pharmaceuticals with a long bias. Pearson sold. Citron sold. The stock market does not care.
  • 2.WSJ said 2/3 of largest drug firms rose prices for higher profits. The government scrutiny did not change specialty therapeutics from raising prices by 20 – 30%. Per tonight’s Nightly Business Report, slowing price increases will not happen until next year. Huge tailwind.
  • 3.Expect volatility rising for NETFLIX. Company reports earnings on July 18.

  • 4.Watch banks like CITI and BAC. Banks report earnings tomorrow.
  • 5.Long Pandora, Netflix, and watch Netflix. These sites, along with WhatsApp (almost), Facebook, and Spotify, are LOSING users to…. Pokemon Go. Long Nintendo (NTDOY) because – apparently - the fad is in the early phases.

Post your moves below!