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Jamie Dimon is a key reason why JPMorgan is doing so good

JPMorgan is going down today, as well as other large banks, Citi and Goldman Sachs. But what I do really like in JPMorgan is their CEO. Here is his annual letter to the shareholders:

"Because of regulations and higher capital, large banks in the United States are far stronger," Dimon wrote. "And even if any one bank might fail, in my opinion, there is virtually no chance of a domino effect. Our shareholders should understand that while large banks do significant business with each other, they do not directly extend much credit to one other. And when they trade derivatives, they mark-to-market and post collateral to each other
every day."

It sounds very promising from the CEO of such a huge bank. Dimon said that under a worst case scenario the company would lose $55 billion over a nine-quarter period, representing an amount that the company could "easily manage" given the strength of its capital base.