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Telsa Stock Drops 7% of Viral Video Shows Model S Burning on The Road

Telsa (NYSE: TSLA), electric car maker, suffered a 7% drop in shares today, due in part to a video that hit the internet yesterday. In the video a Model S is burning on the side of the road, the video was taped by a driver passing by, on Washington State Route 167. Investors quickly started to suspect the car caught on fire because of its battery that makes use of lithium ion cells; they have a documented history of catching on fire. It is important to take note that the car was burning from the front and the batteries in Tesla's are located in the front end of the vehicle. Luckily the stock was able to make some ground closing at -6.24% at $180.95. 
Below is the video of the Tesla Model S burning: 
Here is a chart showing the movement of the stock today.