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Broadcom Q4 2014 Earnings Review And The Way Forward

Global wired and wireless semiconductor solution provider Broadcom (NASDAQ: BRCM) recently reported its financial results for the final quarter and full fiscal year 2014. The company posted an impressive performance for the quarter, with revenues and earnings beating analysts; consensus estimates. The company reported impressive top line and bottom line growth for the final quarter as well as full year 2014. Broadcom's growth was led by considerable upsides from the high-end smart phone and broadband access markets. The company's share prices have risen almost 3% since the earnings announcement on 29th January. Broadcom's share prices continue to be on the rise, after growing almost 52% in 2014. Broadcom has thus had an impressive 2014 in terms of its financial performance as well as its stock market performance. The company's shares are currently trading near the $41 mark. Broadcom's shares have managed to outperform the growth of competitors Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM), Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) as well as the NASDAQ Composite Index in…