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New York Department Of Health Issues Statement On Suspected Ebola Case

Statement On Suspect Ebola Case From Dr. Howard Zucker, Acting Commissioner, New York State Department of Health

The state Department of Health is closely monitoring this potential case and is working with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to ensure that all appropriate protocols are being followed to protect public health and safety.


This patient is undergoing testing at Bellevue Hospital, which is one of the eight hospitals statewide that Governor Cuomo designated earlier this month as part of his Ebola Preparedness Plan to handle potential cases.


That facility is prepared and equipped for the isolation, identification, and treatment of any such patients.


Preliminary test results are expected to be completed in the next 12 hours.


It is important to remember that the symptoms exhibited by this patient can be indicative of other illnesses and that there is no confirmed case at this time.

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So go about your business, spend, consume, walk around, use Uber... and we'll lket u know in 12 hours if this chap that's been in NYC for 10 days is infected with a deadly disease that experts are still unclear on whether can be spread via sneezing.

Possible NY

patient is Dr. Craig Spencer who works w/ Doctors Without Borders