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General Motors Is Showing Me Discipline On Their Part

General Motors (NYSE:GM) is like a movie which can be classified as a suspense thriller. The suspenseful part of sitting on the edge of your seat is like the whole time you're holding the stock and then the thrilling portion of the movie comes along and you get excited or saddened. In GM's stock price the thrilling part has actually be saddening over the past year with the recalls and the drop in the share price. The last time I purchased shares in the company was about a month ago, but I always say that one must stay prudent and do some homework on the names in their portfolio. With the last article I wrote about the company, I stated, "After doing this analysis I'm going to continue to buy the name despite keeping the dividend flat but mainly because the earnings estimate was increased." The stock remains below my purchase target price of $33 and with that said, I'm going to take a look at the stock right now and see what has happened…