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Fidelity Low Priced Stock Fund Is A Value

Established in 1989, the Fidelity Low-Priced Stock Fund (FLPSX) was created as a vehicle to invest in out-of-favor small- and mid-cap stocks. The growing assets under management have enabled FLPSX to take on the characteristics of a mid-cap focused value fund while continuing to generate impressive results that still provides investors with high returns. Investing at least 80 percent of net assets primarily in low-priced common stocks, FLPSX seeks to generate returns primarily through capital appreciation. It has done extremely well in the past 15-years, racking up an annualized return of 12.57 percent versus the 4.47 percent return delivered by the S&P 500 Index. That level of market beating performance isn't as likely due to rising assets, but the fund remains a solid choice for investors.

Investment Strategy

Joel Tillinghast has managed FLPSX since its inception. Today, he is assisted by a team of six co-managers who are each responsible… Read More …