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Snapchat Rejects Facebook's $3 Billion Dollar Cash Buyout

Snapchat turned down a offer from Facebook to buy the company for $3 billion in cash. Mark Zuckerberg has previously offered $1 biilion to buy Snapchat and was turned away. Snapchat is a popular photo sharing social media app that allows you to send your friends photos that are deleted 10 seconds after they are opened. Snapchat is so popular because it allows for a person to not leave a digital trail of the kind of content they send out to people. Especially in such a social media driven environment we are all living me, one bad tweet can completely ruin a person's career. Facebook already acquired Instagram in a $1 billion deal last year, and wants to purchase Snapchat because teenagers are moving away from Facebook and towards these photo sharing social networks and Facebook wants to continue to thrive of that demographic.