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My DGI Plan Portfolio 2014 Fourth Quarter Review

With fourth quarter 2014 in hindsight, it's time for a formal quarterly review. Two purposes of the quarterly review are to help me stay focused on actively managing my wife and I's portfolio and to think reflectively on how I'm implementing the dividend growth investing strategy. As a risk-averse person, actively managing the portfolio through quarterly reviews ensures that I'm keeping risk to a minimum and meeting my personal goals per my portfolio business plan. As Seeking Alpha author Bob Wells commonly says, this approach allows me to "sleep well at night."

I became a self-directed investor in 2012. I first chose to "diversify" by purchasing 5 or 6 ETFs with the vague goal of fishing for income. In early 2013, I constructed a portfolio business plan to help aid me in the decision-making process for the portfolio and to get me closer to my goals of income. As my… Read More …