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Counter long before/after USDA? #HeikinAshi is positive

Counter long before/after USDA? #HeikinAshi is positive

Soybeans CBOT:ZS1!

I have been hesitating for 3-4 days wether to open or not some long position in Soybeans.
Finally I did it today, but as the big picture is still bearish , this position has to be treated as a counter trend trade, which means size is only 0,5 risk unit.

- Long term bearish ichimoku setup, but: Price got far below Kijun Sen (should attract it back), Future Kumo got very thin, as past 52 weeks volatility decreased, actually Senkou B (52 weeks average) is down to 972!
- Possible Heikin Ashi signal for a pull back.
- Obviously USDA report will be decisive today, but if comes positive then haDelta/SMA3 would move back above zero line and in coming weeks we could see a correction up to 950-970 supp/res zone.

- Ichimoku setup is bearish , but if Price clearly closes above Kijun Sen, we may see some short covering, with a possible squeeze tgt to 925-950 zone initially.
- Heikin Ashi is bullish . Important to see if haDelta/SMA3 cross above zero can stay after today's report.