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The Brian Williams Flame War

"I'm pretty sure I think someone shot at me." (Photo c NBC news).

Again, I love media watching. Public watching. I'm looking at the whole Brian Williams controversy and am loving the mean-spirited comments made to this baron of the liberal media, Brian Williams (Preston and Moses probably loves this guy). Look at the people real pile on this guy in comments on Yahoo.

This stuff is really rich and I luv it!

Gary 39 minutes ago 0 29

I'm pretty sure that most people can tell if they were on a helicopter that was hit by a rocket. I cannot see how somebody could make "mistake" about taking fire or "oops, I guess that wasn't me after all." It is the same as stolen valor, just a different employer in my view. There are reporters that have been killed in unimaginable ways, many others narrowly escaped death while covering violent stories---I will bet hard cash that they never had a problem with the truth. He has pissed all over their bravery and dedication to the news


Joaquin 46 minutes ago 0 26

I fail to understand how people are shocked by these admissions and revelations about Brian Williams. Brian Williams lost me as a huge fan after the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007. It was on that horrible day, April 16, 2007, that a madman shot and killed 32 people and wounded 17 others. The madman sent a video to NBC News and then Brian Williams and his producers chose to air the contents of the video on the evening news without regards to the harm its contents would do to the families of all the victims. The video probably has influenced other copycat killers since then. I lost all respect for the integrity of NBC News and Brian Williams after that!


Charley R 10 minutes ago 0 12

Just watching Brian Williams on the David Letterman show in 2013 and hearing letterman call him A hero and seeing Williams face loving what he was just called and knowing what he really did was lying to make himself look big then life. While are men are over there getting killed and injured and calling Williams a hero. Brian Williams is no hero he's nothing but a phony and a disgrace to call himself a news reporter their is no way he has any credibility to report the news without looking at him as a liar. People need to watch some other nightly news and get this narcissistic off the air. I hope the sponsors will. NBC do the right thing for once.


That last one, ouch!!!!