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Razer "Nabu" Social Smartband

For the fitness freaks, the gamers, the tech junkies, and the social networkers.

Razer‘s newest smartband technology is for those who like to keep track of multiple areas of their lives. Users of the high-end gaming manufacturer’s “Nabu” Social Smartband can receive daily notifications about incoming calls, text messages, and e-mails via small vibration alerts and small messages on a discreet screen display. The band also monitors physical conditions like fitness, sleeping pattern and duration, distance walked, and calories burnt, in addition to syncing compatibility with your favorite fitness app. Its most impressive function is its ability to exchange contact info with other “Nabu” wearers with just a simple handshake in simple band-to-band communication. You can purchase the “Nabu” Social Smartband now from Razer for $100 USD. The company’s ”5 Rules of Zombie Survival” promo video below demonstrates the smartband’s extensive functions to last in a post-apocalyptic zombie world.

Author: Ashleigh Kim