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Thomson Reuters Q4 2014 Earnings Call: 7 Things To Watch Out For

Thomson Reuters (TRI) is a turnaround story. After years of stagnation and erosion in the top-line of some of its key segments, the company has finally started to show signs of a turnaround in 2014. In my opinion, Q4 will be a key quarter to ascertain whether some of these positive developments are as a result of sustained trends, or whether they are merely anomalies. I will discuss some of these key trends that investors should watch out for in the upcoming earnings call on February 11, 2015.

In the 2014 analyst day presentation, management gave guidance around their turnaround plan and how they aim to deliver quantifiable results, as shown below. In my opinion, the ability to deliver on these targets will be the key driver for TRI's stock performance. Specifically, TRI aims to increase EPS by 50% over four years from $1.83 in 2013 (excluding the $275 million… Read More …