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Man begs for money after risky bet implodes

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Talk about a nightmare trade.

Joe Campbell had $37,000 in his online brokerage account when he went to bed on Wednesday night. By the time he woke up, not only had all that money vanished, but the amateur trader actually owed ETrade more than $100,000.

No, Campbell wasn't the victim of evil hackers. He was the victim of poor judgment -- and his ordeal should serve as a lesson for all investors.

Campbell was in such a desperate spot that he even set up a GoFundMe campaign begging for help. The effort eventually raised more than $5,000, though Campbell also took flak.

According to his GoFundMe page, Campbell placed a risky bet on Wednesday against KaloBio, (KBIO) a little known pharmaceutical company that was trading at $2. Campbell was basically betting that the stock would fall further.

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