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Where Are The Invisible Apps?

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

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More than a year ago, Matthew Panzarino wrote an article on TechCrunch in which he described a new type of mobile app experience that he coined the Invisible App. He predicted that we would imminently see the rise of a huge number of apps that would live in the background, anticipating our needs based on sensor and contextual data, and do things for us before we even had to ask. What an exciting vision.

The trends are clearly on the side of the invisible app. Our phones are getting more and more sensors, and these tiny components are also getting faster and more accurate, and draining significantly less battery. In fact, the newest smartphones have more than 10 sensors that can combine to detect things as subtle as whether you are driving up a hill or biking down a hill.

Now the computer in our pocket can not only access all…

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