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Wound Closure and Advanced Wound Care Global Market - Forecast To 2021

NEW YORK, April 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Wound closure and wound care devices are the medical apparatus used for the closure of the wound by pulling the cut edges of the tissues together or by directly acting on the wounds for better healing. Devices such as sutures, strips, sealants and adhesives, clips, staples, energy based devices, haemostats and skin grafts are used to minimize the trauma and infection leading to a better and a scar-free healing. The wound closure and advanced wound care global market is segmented based on the products, applications, end-users and geography. Products are divided into primary and secondary wound closure products. Primary wound closure devices include surgical sutures, wound closure strips, staples, ligating clips, haemostat, adhesives and sealants. Surgical suture market is segmented into suture and automated suturing device. Suture market is further divided based on types, filaments, and material type. Sealants are divided into natural and synthetic sealant. Natural sealants are collagen, fibrin and albumin. Synthetic sealants are divided into cyanoacrylate, polymer and others. Haemostats are divided into flowable haemostats, fibrin sealants, mechanical haemostats and active haemostats.

Secondary wound closure devices include energy based devices, therapy based devices, moist wound therapy and biologics. Energy based devices are divided into laser devices, electrical stimulations, electromagnetic stimulations, ultra sound therapy, radio frequency therapy and ultra violet therapy. Therapy based devices are further segmented into hyperbaric oxygen therapy, negative pressure wound therapy and pressure relief devices. Biologics are divided into skin grafts and growth factor. Moist wound therapy is segmented into film, foam, hydrocolloids, hydrogels, alginate and collagen dressings.

By application, the wound closure and advanced wound care markets...