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Bullard Slams "Unsavory" Jim Cramer's "Permanent Cheerleading," Admits "Fed Can't Support Stocks Forever"

When The Fed's own cheerleader-in-chief (see October 2014) slams you for cheerleading, you know it's gone too far. In a stunning 30 second clip on CNBC this morning, St.Louis Fed head Jim Bullard sent a message to "your friend Cramer", saying "The Fed cannot permanently raise stock prices," adding, rather astonishingly to the anchors, "to have [Cramer] cheerleading for lower rates 24 hours a day is unsavory."


Apologies for sound quality...


We assume Cramer will rebut this statement later in the day by exclaiming "they know nothing!!"

Remember what happened the last time someone dared to criticize Cramer...