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Citi Previews How It All Ends, In One Chart

It doesn't get any simpler than this chart showing global monetary policy response to "secular stagnation", i.e., the situation the world finds itself in right now.

A few notes. The reason there is secular stagnation is because the economy crashed after the last, housing, bubble (which itself was a response to the dot com bubble preceding it) reached epic proportions and burst.

So what is going on now is merely the global central bank cartel reflating the next bubble, and final, bubble.

Central banks may be doing so with good intentions, "to get back to full employment", but the bottom line is the entire world is now gripped in what is without doubt the biggest asset bubble in history.

The good news: everyone will be able to top-tick the bubble and sell just before everyone else sells...

And yes, we admit the title was a little misleading: Citi shows us where we are, but it does not chart what happens after the final bubble bursts. We leave it to readers' imaginations to fill in the blank.

Source: Citigroup