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Amazon is now an unstoppable stock has long been the poster child for a fast-growing but money-losing tech firm. But it might be time to rethink this view.

Amazon just delivered a smashing earnings report last week, its second in a row. Although the profits were meager at just $79 million, or 17 cents a share, analysts were expecting Amazon to run in the red last quarter as it has so many times before. The top line was equally impressive, as sales soared 23% to $25.4 billion, trouncing forecasts.

But the reason to like Amazon doesn’t involve just these past two earnings beats, or the 60%-plus head of steam that shares have built since April.

The real reason to be a believer in Amazon stock is that the company is increasingly becoming the perfect technology stock, validating the bulls and turning away the arguments of the bears at every turn.

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