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Grand Theft Auto

Take-Two Interactive Software Inc (NASDAQ: TTWO) might be a good investment, Christmas is almost here. You might ask what does a video game developer have to do with Christmas, the answer is Take-Two creates games for Rockstar and 2K. Rockstar is releasing one of its all time best seller Grand Theft Auto brands part 5 on September 17. The game is projected to sell 6 million copies just the first week, then the sales once it release on Xbox One and PS4 haven't been accounted for yet. Also one of 2K's best seller NBA2K14 is set to release also, the stock can be a goldmine if invested the right way. I my self have been waiting for both of the games to come out. So back to X-Mas, that is when all the adults go shopping for their children shopping list, these games are on everyone's list