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Chinese Propaganda Full Retard: Burst Stock Bubble Declared A Good Thing

Having blamed the entire financial crisis on one reporter (despite the implicit government encourage of people to "invest in stocks"), detained "malicious sellers" (which killed the entire futures market), and now cracking down on overly-aggressive stock-pumping by "sinister stock squads," we thought we had seen it all from China. Until now... CHINA OFFICIAL: LUCKY THAT STOCK BUBBLE BURST BEFORE TOO LATE...

"Too Late"? or "Just Right"? for a bubble to burst...


So now - the bursting of the Chinese self-created bubble is a good thing. It seems opposite world is here - just as not hiking rates is the new negative.

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Of course this is not the first time Chinese propaganda went full retard...

If these are the directives China's Ministry of Truth, in this case the China Daily "style council", gives out to editors to pretend that the Yuan devaluation is not, in fact, a devaluation we can't wait to find out just how long Steve Liesman will need to teach everyone in Beijing that QE, when the PBOC inevitably announces it, is really just a blessing in disguise for the middle class.


Charts: Bloomberg