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FiGHT CLuB 1776...



CSM-- A new poll from Pew Research Center suggests that, so far at least, Snowden's release of information on NSA programs has had a limited effect on how the agency is viewed by the American public.

The Pew survey, conducted Jan. 7-11, asked respondents about their views of various federal agencies, breaking down responses by sex, political affiliation, and age. It found that 51 percent of Americans view the NSA favorably – down from 54 percent in fall 2013 – while only 37 percent have unfavorable views of the agency.


Which once again confirms that which we already know:  We are essentially a nation of clueless morons who consider the PSI of a pro football and Kim Kardashian's oversized iButt to be of greater social importance than all else, the systematic derogation of our constitutional rights by the DC Vichycrats and the greatest  financial fraud ever perpetrated on the American public to name just two examples. 

Remember the notion that Congress was going to reform the NSA. I believe that ridiculous pipe dream now sits on the lameduck Q somewhere behind Twitter Community College and rescuing the phantom middle class.

If you have not yet watched Citizen Four, I strongly recommend that you do.

And yes Ed Snowden, we remember...