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Facebook Connects Investors with Social Responsibility

Facebook’s (NASDAQ: FB) new initiative, Internet.org, has already connected 6 million people across the globe, according to The Motley Fool. This huge accomplishment falls in line with one of the company’s main goals, to connect the world.

However, most of the new connections are in underdeveloped countries which is bad news for advertising potential, The Motley Fool reported. Facebook generates about 93 percent of its revenue from ads, however, CEO Mark Zuckerberg explains that investors should not shy away, but instead, see this as an opportunity to invest in a socially responsible initiative.

“I do think that over the long term, that focusing on helping connect everyone will be a good business opportunity for us, as well. We may not be able to tell you exactly how many years that’s going to happen in. But as these countries get more connected, the economies grow, the ad markets grow, and if Facebook and the other services in our community, are the number one, and number two, three, four, five services that people are using, then over time we will be compensated for some of the vale that we’ve provided.”

Commenter ifool100 agrees with Zuckerberg’s mission and supports socially responsible CEO’s while acknowledging their business goals:

“This is refreshing. Corporate law says they are beholden to the stockholder to turn a profit. But it seems to me that smart CEO’s need not be purely altruistic to want to do things to make the world better. Cook and Zuckerberg are fascinated by are long term goal that seek to achieve both. Tey are not perfect. Yet these are the types of business leaders I love to watch. Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg, Howard Schultz (SBUX), John Mackey (WFM), Elon Musk (TSLA), Reed Hastings (NFLX), Jeff Bezos (AMZN) - they all have guts and vision.”