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FCC Proposes Cell Phone Usage On Flights

There has always been a big debate about cell phone usage during flights.  Some people think that it is harmless and should be allowed, while others believe that doing so will cause the flights to immediately plunge straight into erupting volcanoes and causing doom.  We learned that the Federal Communications Commission will propose allowing passengers to use their mobile phones on flights.  If this is successful, passengers would be able to do so once the plane reaches altitude of at least 10,000 feet.  

This move stems from when the FAA said that it would allow usage of electronic devices during flights.  The only issue with using a cell phone however, is that other people have to hear your conversations and that's not cool. This proposal will be discussed at the commission's meeting this month.  Ultimately, even if this ban is lifted, it would still be up to the airlines to decide whether they wish to allow the calls.