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Top-Ranked ETF Wealth-Builders Now

What is the wealth-building strategy?

An active-investment one, minimizing required capital holding periods while seeking high odds for profitable outcomes. It is based on prior experience of applying the strategy, which pits Market-Maker [MM] upside price change prospects, derived from their specific issue hedging actions, against worst-case price drawdown encounters. All prior forecasts with price upside to downside outlooks like the present are subjected to a regimen of buy at the next market day close and sell upon reaching the forecast upside price, or no later than 3 months after the forecast day, regardless of gain or loss.

The ranking requires at least a two to five year daily history of forecast price ranges and observes the frequency of profitable results of the regimen described above on all forecasts like today's. The win-loss ratio proportions are applied to the upside price change forecast and the average worst-case price drawdowns encountered… Read More …