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Gold-Stock Trading Volume Really Growing

There's no doubt the gold-mining stocks remain deeply out of favor, collateral damage from the Fed's gross financial-market distortions of recent years. But sentiment is shifting, with stock traders starting to regain interest in this left-for-dead sector. Gold-stock trading volume is really growing as capital returns. And since higher volume is an essential precursor to major new uplegs, its growth is a very bullish portent.

The leading gold-stock sector benchmark these days is the Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX). Its excellent basket of the world's elite gold and silver miners, which are effectively market-capitalization weighted within this ETF, deftly mirrors the stock-market fortunes of this entire industry. And they've certainly been ugly thanks to the Fed's artificial stock-market levitation.

As the US stock markets soared in 2013 on the Fed's wildly unprecedented QE3 debt monetizations, all demand for alternative investments including gold withered. Gold's resulting epic plunge on… Read More …