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Bed, Bath and Beyond No Longer Offering Unlimited Returns

Retailer Bed, Bath and Beyond (NASDAQ: BBBY) has been widely known for it's convenient returns policy, according to The Christian Science Monitor. However, as of April 20, this is about to change. 

The company previously offered full price returns for all unused items, even if the customer didn't have a receipt, The Monitor reported. However, at the end of the month the retail giant will only offer 80 percent of the retail price in store credit.

The policy will not change for customers that bring a receipt to the store along with the item they are trying to return, according to The Monitor. If the customer has a gift receipt, they will be able to return the item for store credit for the full price. 

ABC News commenter Tyler Durden said:

"It just sounds like they were getting scammed by people buying things with a 20% off coupon then getting a refund at full price because there was no evidence that they used a 20% off coupon. It wouldn't surprise me if there are organized criminals systematically taking advantage of this loop hole to steal free money."