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EUR/AUD in a bullish reversal breakout

The EUR/AUD has been bearish throughout June but found support around 1.45 in July. Now, we are seeing a bullish reversal attempt.

EUR/AUD 4H Chart 7/19

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The 4H chart shows the EUR/AUD consolidating between 1.45 and 1.46.
During the 7/18 session, we saw a strong push above 1.46, establishing the consolidation as a price bottom.
The push also broke above a falling trendline. 
The RSI pushed above 60, which reflects loss of bearish momentum and is pushing above 70, which reflects initiation of bullish momentum. 

Trade Idea:
If EUR/AUD slides back towards 1.46, I think it is worth buying with upside at least back to 1.48.
I think the bulls are in charge now, and buying around 1.46 offers decent reward to risk when considering a limited bullish outlook.

I would limit the bullish outlook because the prevailing trend is still bearish, and I would respect a falling trendline and the resistance pivot at 1.4935.

The most aggressive bullish outlook for now should be limited to the 1.50 handle, but I would prefer to take profit earlier,