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WalMart Spreading its Wings

Wal-Mart Store Inc. (NYSE: WMT) one of the leaders in consumers good market in the U.S. is now aiming to get a share of the emerging African economy. MassMart the South African unit of WalMart is planning to buy a Kenya based supermarket chain called Naivas. This would be a huge step for the company to expand it's business further to profit from fast growing African economy. Naivas owns a total of 28 stores and is planning to ad 2 more by the end of this year. WalMart has been more focused on going international recently, Acuring shares of consumer goods stores in Africa, India and China. The company also paid around $316 million in several other small business acquisition in fiscal 2013. WalMart's focus is not only on physical locations but its trying to improve its online stores as well. WalMart has a unbeatable prices and unteachable hunger for success, no wonder Berkshire Hathaway, Inc  (NYSE: BRK-A) owns 1.39% shares of the company, seems like a small amount but its 45,601,994 shares worth about $3.5 billion.