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​Applied Materials: time to buy stocks?
19 march 2015

A friend of mine asked me to analyze some stocks for his mid-term portfolio. As a matter of fact, he drew up quite an interesting list in terms of fundamentals and liquidity. In particular, Аpplied Materials is on the list. After reviewing the stock’s monthly charts, I do not know exactly who should pay for the bottle of whisky at a restaurant, me or my friend. This name does look like a great opportunity though. For instance, if we see the stock break out of the USD 27 resistance level (the Fibonacci 38.2% retracement level), then it is possible to launch positions expecting the stock to grow over the medium term to at least USD 38.

Even if this mark remains intact, giving rise to speculative gambits to pick up the stock at USD 24 (the 2012 uptrend), then we’re looking at a resistance level at USD 27 resistance level. Good luck.

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​Applied Materials: time to buy stocks?

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