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Out Fox The $treet: February 28, 2017

Stocks to watch for the last day of February:

Telsa (TSLA) - the stock was crushed back to the 50ema at $245 finally providing an entry point. If you think Tesla hits new highs, now is the time to buy after the $40 sell off. 

Baidu (BIDU) - the 3 day rule applies here. The stock of the search giant in China traded down another 1.3%. Baidu is now back to the mid-point range of the last year which is incredible since the company forecast a return back to YoY growth. Look for Baidu to reach 20%+ growth by Q3. The stock is a must own and is favorably valued over Alphabet (GOOG)(GOOGL) due to a better growth path in the growing Internet space in China. 

Zoe's Kitchen (ZOES) - another big time 3 day rule. The restaurant concept was crushed another 6% today. The market cap is down to a measly $360 million as the market extrapolates the current weak comp sales environment into the future. It could be a long quarter until the next earnings report so investors should be prepared to buy any further dips. 

Twitter (TWTR) - finally appears to have hit bottom just below $16 following the supposed disappointing Q4 numbers. Don't forget that engagement is up and the Snap (SNAP) IPO should point out the value of Twitter trading at a market cap of only $11.4 billion or roughly half of where Snap will trade on day one. 

Twilio (TWLO) - stock shows some stability above $32 as the 20ema and 50ema merge. Twilio isn't cheap, but the stock appears ready for at least a small rally. 

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Disclosure: Long BIDU, TWTR, ZOES