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Sapa JV Achieves 9% Growth In North America For Norsk Hydro

In my most recent article about Norsk Hydro (NHYDY), I focused on some key drivers for EPS that I felt made the company a better value play than Alcoa, Inc. (AA).

Today's earnings announcement by Orkla ASA (ORKLY) gives us a sneak peek into Hydro's earnings next week. Sapa is an extruded aluminum company, and is run as a 50/50 joint venture between, Orkla ASA ADR and Hydro: September 12, 2013 press release.

Sapa is the global leader in extruded aluminum, and has a market share of 30% in North America and 26% in Europe. It offers a variety of solutions to its customers through five business segments, and is a leader in energy-efficient buildings. Sapa also has a strong presence in Asia and South America.

"Orkla's share of Sapa's result was NOK -360 million in the quarter. Sapa's results were negatively impacted by extraordinary costs related to the