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Jim Cramer Sounds Off On NASDAQ's CEO

Jim Cramer is not pleased with NASDAQ's CEO Bob Greifeld and his explanation on how NASDAQ communicated what was going on when it stopped all trading yesterday for three hours. Gredifeld went on CNBC's Squawk Box earlier this morning and said he felt that NASDAQ "communicated properly" and added that he and his management team were in communication with industry leaders letting them know what was going on, while Joe Shmoe off the street was left in the dark as to why all trading had been shut down. 

Crammer took this angle to attack Greifeld tweeting live during the interview "How Can Greifeld say they halted things to help the retailer investor but then don't communicate to the press. WRONG WRONG WRONG!"

On one side I commend Crammer for trying to speak up for the little guy but his communication skills have also lead to some pretty big gaffs in the pass, do we all remember when he told everyone to continue to buy and hold their position in Bear Stearns just days before the company went out of business?