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ConocoPhillips' Pragmatic Management Continues To Be Ahead Of The Curve (And Exxon Mobil)

ConocoPhillips (COP) has one the best management teams, if not the best, in the O&G business. Its multi-year restructuring plan to deliver total returns for shareholders is looking even better in light of the new lower priced crude oil environment. One example: can you imagine still having cap-ex exposure to the Kashagan Debacle today? Instead, COP exited the project with $5.4 billion in cash. So as a result of management's execution of its multi-year strategic plan, COP and its sister corporation Phillips 66 (PSX) continue to outperform both Exxon Mobil (XOM) and Chevron (CVX) - two companies which for years now have struggled to deliver meaningful shareholder returns and now appear to be much slower to adjust to the new crude environment. Meantime, COP's dividend yield remains much higher than either of its old peers. Bottom line: we can talk about asset quality, production, and many other energy company attributes… Read More …