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Entry into a Material Definitive

On October23, 2015, Medivation, Inc. (the Company), as borrower, entered into an amendment and restatement of that certain credit agreement, dated as of September4, 2015 (the Existing Credit Agreement and as amended and restated, the Credit Agreement) with JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., as administrative agent, and the lenders from time to time party thereto (the Lenders), providing for (i)a five-year $300 million revolving loan facility (the Revolving Credit Facility); and (ii)an uncommitted accordion facility subject to the satisfaction of certain conditions (collectively, the Senior Secured Credit Facility). The Revolving Credit Facility includes a $50 million multicurrency subfacility, a $20 million letter of credit subfacility and a $10 million swing line loan subfacility.

L oans under the Revolving Credit Facility bear interest, at the Companys option, at a rate equal to either (a)the LIBOR rate, plus an applicable margin ranging from 1.75% to 2.50%per annum, based upon the secured leverage ratio (as defined in the Credit Agreement), or (b)the prime lending rate, plus an applicable margin ranging from 0.75% to 1.50%per annum, based upon the senior secured net leverage ratio (as defined in the Credit Agreement).

The obligations under the Credit Agreement and any swap obligations and banking services obligations owing to a lender (or an affiliate of a lender) thereunder are and will be guaranteed by the Company and each of the Companys existing and subsequently acquired or organized direct and indirect domestic subsidiaries (other than certain immaterial domestic subsidiaries, certain domestic subsidiaries that hold no assets other than equity interests of foreign subsidiaries (Domestic Foreign Holding Companies) and certain domestic subsidiaries whose equity interests are owned directly or indirectly by certain foreign subsidiaries ) (collectively, the Loan Parties). The obligations under the Credit Agreement and any such swap and banking services obligations are secured, subject to customary permitted liens and other agreed upon exceptions, by a perfected security interest in (i)all tangible and intangible assets of the Loan Parties, except for certain customary excluded assets, and (ii)all of the capital stock owned by the Loan Parties thereunder (limited, in the case of the stock of...