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ETFs For An Ongoing Stimulus Bubble

Canada, India, Turkey, Australia, China and Denmark. What do all of these countries have in common? The central bank of each nation has eased monetary policy to stimulate respective economies in 2015. What's more, none of these actions had been anticipated; rather, the media described rate cuts as "surprising" or diminished reserve requirements as "unexpected."

In the case of Denmark, recent stimulus has been creative as well as startling. For the fourth time in less than three weeks, the Danish central bank lowered its deposit rate to keep its krone in line with the weakened euro. Maintaining the peg of the Danish krone to the severely weakened euro is a means by which Denmark can spark export-driven growth. Depositors are now being charged 0.75% (what is known as a negative deposit rate) to let money sit at a financial institution. In effect, Danish depositors are now paying for the privilege… Read More …