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Recode: Google's Secretive Moonshot Factory Is 'Struggling To Get Products Out The Door'

Google Inc. NASDAQ:GOOG, Google Inc. NASDAQ:GOOGL - Recode: Google's Secretive Moonshot Factory Is 'Struggling To Get Products Out The Door'

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOG) (NASDAQ: GOOGL)'s secretive "moonshot factory," also known as Google X, is "struggling to get products out the door," at least according to Recode's Mark Bergen.

Bergen noted Google saw several key executives leave Google X as of late, and the exoduses have been credited to a combination of red tape and "knotty" internal politics. Furthermore, many projects once highly anticipated have seen their excitement wane.

For instance, Google's self-driving project is now 7 years old and accounted for most of the budgeted $1 billion-plus yearly budget for the X division. In addition, the Google Glass was the "much-hyped" wearable that "fizzled" rather quickly.

"The Alphabet company that is meant to create new Alphabet companies is struggling to get them out the door," Bergen wrote. "And I have heard repeated talk of a coming shake-up at the division."

Bergen added that Google attempted to solve the issue and set up a "rapid evaluation unit" to fix the division's woes, but some employees said none of the problems were fixed.

Meanwhile, "multiple people" told Bergen that Google X's longtime chief Astro Teller is "increasingly frustrated," as many of the projects are being described as "rudderless."

Finally, Bergen suggested that the X unit is "opaque" — both to Google's insiders as well as outsiders.

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