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Bouygues Offers Vivendi 10 Billion Euros For SFR Unit

The construction and telecommunications company Bouygues SA, has offered 10.5 billion euros in cash to buy Vivendi SA's SFR unit. The company says its offer is backed by financing from HSBC Holding Plc. The deal would bring in revenue and save about 10 billion euros. 

Altice SA, a cable holding company values SFR at $20 billion.  IF Vivendi were to accept either offer it would put end their plans to distribute SFR stock to shareholders. Emeka Obiodu is a telecommunications analyst who had this to say about the deal "I'd be skpetical if Bouygues gets their hands on SFR... The Market power SFR and Bouygues would have would definintely raise eyebrows with competition authorities."