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Our Guide To Investing Outside The U.S.


As we have mentioned in a previous post, 2014 was a great year for US equities, with the major US indexes seeing double digit growth. Although some of these gains have been given up during January, our belief is that the US market is essentially fully valued, with some stocks probably over-valued, and that there is little scope for bargain hunting, at least among large- and mid-caps. There are, in short, better opportunities outside the US for investors, and here we have a look at some examples.

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Global P/E Ratios - (source: Star Capital)

Of course, P/E ratios do not by any means tell the whole story, and stocks with high P/E ratios can and do turn out to be good investments; after all, that was why investors valued them highly before the earnings came through. But a high P/E does imply that investors… Read More …