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Who You Gonna Call When The Plane Falls

After the incident at San Francisco, the Asiana Airline’s stock dropped 6.2 percent, which is their worse fall since December of 2011.  As of today, their stock price is like 4750 and it’s still dropping.  

One of the aerospace analysts mentioned in an interview that it isn't normal for a plane crash to trigger share drops.  But I guess it makes sense, people are scared and concerned for safety.  They’re going to cancel their bookings until the airline can identify their root cause and fix it.  On the other side, Boeing shares doesn't (and hasn't  seem to be affected at all.  In fact, it’s still trading pretty high at around 105.

I wonder why that is?  Lately, Boeing has been having all these Dreamliner issues yet their stocks don't seem to suffer the same fate that airlines do when accidents occur.