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Stocks Surge to Highs as Tech Roars Again

The writer of this article and all the Amazon cheerleaders use the term "Stellar earnings"; come again. Earnings is net profit they had a measly 256 million dollars of net profit on 43.7 billion in revenue. On margins of 1.28 per cent. When is this company going to have real earnings instead of free pass on almost ZERO net income?? They have been in business since 1994; 23 years now.

Compare Gilead's net income of over 12 billion per year or 3.1 billion per qrt. They made 12 times the net income this quarter then Amazon. On margins of 43%, and done this for 4 years now with a new buyout of Kite and 21 billion in cash on hand. One day these cult following money managers will get their common sense or the heads out of who knows where.