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Lung Cancer Study Demonstrates Extremely High Sensitivity of Biocept's Blood-Based Liquid Biopsy Platform in Detecting EGFR Mutation in Plasma with 93% Concordance with Tissue Biopsy

Data for the detection and monitoring of key predictive biomarkers for patients with newly diagnosed or progressing metastatic lung cancer on therapy to be presented at the Association for Molecular Pathology Annual Meeting

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Biocept, Inc. (NASDAQ: BIOC), a leading molecular diagnostics company commercializing and developing biomarkers used in liquid biopsies to improve the detection and treatment of cancer, today announced that findings demonstrating the ability to reliably detect actionable genetic alterations used in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of patients with lung cancer using its blood based biopsy, instead of surgical biopsy, will be presented Friday, November 6th, at the Association for Molecular Pathology Annual (AMP) Meeting in Austin, Texas.

“It is rewarding to see these assays clinically validated and being utilized by physicians today for routine testing in patients with cancer.”

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“The results of this study further demonstrate the ability of Biocept’s liquid biopsy platforms to detect the presence of key cancer-associated biomarkers, which can be used in aiding medical decision-making,” said Senior Vice President and Senior Medical Director Veena Singh, MD. “In this study we compared the results from our Target-Selector™ using blood samples against tissue samples from 74 patients with lung cancer and found concordance of greater than 93%. This high rate of concordance further underscores the value of using our liquid biopsy platforms in lung cancer patients.”

“The ability of the Target-Selector™ assay to detect rare genetic events from blood has great utility when applied to patients with lung cancer, where it is often challenging to obtain a tissue sample,” said Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer Lyle Arnold, Ph.D. “It...