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The financial market

The financial market is a variant and a particular illustration of the phenomenon of market. The term is also used in the plural : " Financial markets " . The term refers to a double meaning :

- This is primarily a place where different types of actors can exchange cash capital or future effect transactions in financial assets and more - on products called "derivatives" 

- This is also the mechanism less "geographical" and more "abstract", " dematerialized ", " virtual" by which are aggregated in real - time and way more continuous - quotes vendors and customers' requests to determine a quotation ( a rate or value).

This trend does not mean that these markets are devoid of any reality. It points to the fact that these markets no longer need to run to be located in a specific place , but instead are managed and increasingly by computer systems more accessible so widely distributed in time and space . Which increases their character "open market" and thereby contributes to improve credibility. A good image of this increase is provided in particular by the development standard tools used by equity markets.