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AT&T Is Selling Cell Towers For 5 Billion

Back in March AT&T (NYSE: ATT) said it was open to the idea off selling its wireless towers, and it seems as though they are looking for buyers, the market for wireless cell towers is both competitive and currently consolidating so which ever company that can get the most of this deal would surely have a bigger share of the market. The top three possible buyers for the wireless towers are Crown Castle International Corp. (NYSE: CCI), SBA Communications Corp. (NYSE: SBAC) and American Tower Corp. (NYSE:AMT). 

AT&T has a 14 billion network upgrade planned in the not too distant future so this may be a way to raise the money needed to pay for it. I think its interesting to see when companies part with certain assets like the cell towers with AT&T because I would always think a phone company would want to own and operate its own towers. But when you need to raise money I guess you will find creative way to continue to grow will cutting the fat.