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What Are They Thinking? Mark Thompson's Plan For The New York Times, 2015 And Beyond

Ask anyone around The New York Times (NYT), and they'll tell you CEO Mark Thompson is a model of certitude. Confidence exudes from him, even in the face of business performance that leaves everyone else less sanguine. So it was this morning as Thompson explained the New York Times company's full-year financials, and its march forward.

Citing "modest overall progress," Thompson well acted the role of a steady helmsman of a seaworthy ship in unending choppy waters. He noted the familiar "headwinds" of digital disruption, and laid out his plan to navigate them (Capital: The Times' 2014: A long, mostly happy slog).

Word had been out at the company's Eighth Avenue headquarters that the fourth quarter had been decent, drawing on some of the momentum built over the year, as the Times advanced with its core digital subscription business and with native ads. That proved true, as we heard… Read More …