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Priceline Rising after Market Inc. (PCLN), the one of the biggest online travel agent, announced is second quarter sale that beat analyst's estimate while the other major competitor are all struggle. Priceline revenue surge up 27% to 1.68 billion beat the analyst projected at $1.66 billion and EPS is $9.70 more than the forecast at $9.38 per share. Priceline's share rise after bell around 1% at $943.35.


The growth in hotel, rental car reservation, international booking through are all boost Priceline's revenue to go up high. Priceline also bought Kayak software Corp. since May to help expand the business. Since Priceline has,Kayak,, and other ancillary brands to cover all the business, I have no surprise why Priceline is doing really well and its stock is up skyrocket like that and while other online travel agent like Expedia is doing not so good on its profit. Well, what I want to know is Priceline will split stock? Is it gonna hit $1000 per share?