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You’re batting .156 and making $21,000,000. Do you a) take more time in the batting cage, b) look at video to identify weaknesses or c) tinker with the music that plays when you walk up to bat?

Based on the reports of Prince’s cause of death, a tribute from A-Rod seems somewhat appropriate. Why should ballplayers be the only profession to have walk up music? I’m going to start my day with my own walk up music. I wonder if the Yankees have the balls to bench him.

Look there are plenty of reasons to hate A-rod.  However, using Prince walkup music in memory of the artist isn’t a legit reason.  Also quoting batting averages two weeks into the season when a 3 hit night could turn that dreadful average respectable.

First at-bat: Erotic City (instrumental only)
Second at-bat: Kiss
Third at-bat: Pop Life
Fourth at-bat: Alphabet Street

A-Rod told reporters, including

, he used a different Prince song for each at-bat “as a tribute to one of the great legends.”