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The real reason the Bugaboo bikini ad failed

Bugaboo’s controversial ad featuring a supermodel pushing a stroller in a bikini has sparked outrage, but this mother sees an issue that goes beyond body image.

Earlier this week Bugaboo sparked an outcry among mothers when it posted a

of the very-fit supermodel Ymre Stiekema, running behind a stroller in a bikini. Was this an error in judgment deserving of the vitriol comments left on Bugaboo’s Facebook page? Bugaboo has inadvertently tapped into the ongoing issue women face surrounding weight and body image.

As a mother, I’m not offended by the photo, but I can understand why others are. My oldest daughter is six, and just this year I felt brave enough to wear a bikini again. I only found this courage after I saw a cartoon on Facebook FB -1.25% with pictures of different types of women all wearing the same two-piece suit. It said, “How to wear a bikini: put a bikini on your body.”

Although my genetic makeup usually puts me on the thinner side of the weight scale, six months into my second pregnancy I found myself on the other side. On an unusually hot spring day at Whole Foods WFM 0.89% , the woman behind me in line looked at my swelling stomach and feet and said, “Ugh. When are you due!?” I told her I still had three more months, which was far longer than she thought based on her response, “You’d be surprised by how much bigger you can get.” When women get to pregnancy and early motherhood, hormones hijack our emotions and we come face-to-face with the fact that our...